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Onydis, your partner in cardboard and POS material

Onydis is a young company bursting with history. We focus on continuous evolution and thus believe in responding quickly to questions from the market and from the customer.

Onydis is forward-looking and loves to innovate. The best example? Our Ursus display. POS displays have never looked so good. With Ursus, your brand and product steal the show.

Ursus is made of sturdy cardboard. This means quick assembly, compact storage and strong load capacity. With cardboard, we opt for ecological, budget-friendly, flexible and customisable

Ursus display greener award

First, we investigate together how many of your products the Ursus display needs to carry. We also discuss any agreements you have with the retailer.

Then, we look at how you can place your products on the unit, for example, by product category, colour or taste. Capturing that information is not only useful during the design process, but your logistics team benefits as well.

When it is determined how your products will display in the Ursus, we will start with the design. After all, the display cover can be fully customised. Your Ursus, your brand. Creating brand awareness, communicating promotions or information about your product: it's all possible.

You will receive a template as soon as we know how many Ursus displays you want. This template will show the right dimensions and specifications for the options on your design. Questions? No problem. Our design team is happy to help you.

Also, several designs in one order are perfectly possible. This way, you can test different designs, respond to regional differences or retailer preferences.

Yes! Now that the content, the design and the number of Ursus displays has been determined. We can start production. How long that takes, differs from order to order. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions.

Your customised Ursus displays can be delivered wherever you want. Do you have regional storage locations and do different designs need to be stored in different places? No problem. Just let us know when you place the order.

For each display, you will receive a structure casing, the desired number of shelves and your personalised cover. An Ursus display consists of only three parts. This is not only easy to assemble (no fiddling with glue or staples), but also compact in storage.

Because the display is made out of cardboard, it is also lightweight. The result? You save on transport volume and simplify your stock management.

Ursus displays consist of 100% recycled cardboard. Lightweight and sturdy, yet also ecological. Even your old displays can be recycled. This way, we contribute to the circular economy.

Our attention to ecology has also delivered us a Greener Packaging Award. We owe this to our commitment to waste as little as possible. Thanks to the smart design of Ursus, we also reduce the packaging while increasing ease of use.

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What can you expect from Onydis?

Onydis loves to innovate on every level. Flexibility, budget friendliness, personalisation and personality are our strengths. 

We are a young company full of history, but our major asset is forward-thinking. The Ursus display reflects our ambition for innovation. We want to continue doing this, in terms of logistics, load capacity, ecology, budget savings and personalisation.

Onydis is built by a motivated team. We strive for a fluid, qualitative cooperation with the customer. We guide you from A to Z in the development of your display. Anything goes, there are no must do’s. 

Innovation also means listening to the customer and the market. This gives us intelligent solutions that also work in the long term. We strive to keep up in order to take into account what is important to you.

Integrating your display into the market, that is our goal. This service also includes a fast delivery, even for small quantities (from 50 pieces) with a 100% unique display, completely adapted to your brand.

We have the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. That sounds technical, but above all it means that we are able to meet the customer's requirements, and correctly apply the required laws and regulations.

We think ecology is highly important. Therefore, we pay attention to an environmentally conscious approach and focus on sustainability. That effort was also rewarded with a Greener Packaging Award.

Ursus display cardboard
The Ursus display is innovation on a platter: easy to set up, a lightweight yet strong cardboard structure with endless customisation options.

Ursus is the ideal representative for your product and your brand in all business environments.
Ursus-dispaly, a product from Onydis
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